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That’s me — the face behind NGMarketing. Collaborative teamwork is how I approach my partnerships and helping others accomplish more than they ever imagined is what I do best.

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Don’t let a tough project slow your team down

I know how challenging marketing and sales can be, especially in the animal health industry. Luckily, I understand both of those areas very well. Combined with years of experience, I know how to motivate and inspire others to do more effectively. As a supportive temporary team member, I can infuse new energy and a fresh set of eyes into any project, no matter how difficult. 
Nicki Glen - Portrait
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"Nicki provided us with an informed and organised approach that enabled us to gain great global business insight and secure a direction to take us forward in one of our key business sectors."

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Instead, sharpen your creative edge

I can help you solve tricky problems with my “out of the box” thinking. I understand trying a new approach can be nerve-wracking, but I often know what works. Even my craziest ideas have turned projects around or created a solution for a problem nobody knew was there! That’s the fun part of the job for me. I love being creative and giving a team new confidence to be game changers.

"I have been very pleased with the services offered by Nicki on my recent relaunch of our Association's website. We had many complex areas to deal with including secure databases and members area as well as the area for the general public. Nicki has a great working style, very friendly and professional and the quality of service was exceptional from design right through to the technical project management aspects. We had very tight deadlines and very specific needs and all of this was delivered on time and with excellent quality. Feedback from our members is very positive on the new site, and I would highly recommend Nicki to anybody looking for creative, project management or website services."

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With me on your team, you’ll gain valuable insight into marketing complicated animal health products so you can increase sales, meet long-term goals, and keep overwhelming tasks under control.

We’ll have fun, i PROMISE!

While I like to get things done, I always want to enjoy my job and the people I work with, so I always throw in a bit of fun here and there. I believe in balancing tasks with the right mix of a get-it-done attitude while being upbeat and positive. I love my work and getting to know the people I partner with.
Nicki Glen - Portrait
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“Nicki’s ability to work autonomously with a wide variety of stakeholders was invaluable to the work we were doing. Her enthusiasm and creativity meant she delivered all that was promised and was also good fun for the team to work with."

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Nicki Glen - Portrait

Still need a bit more information about me?

I understand. Hiring an outsider can be daunting. You want to ensure whoever you bring on board will mesh well with your team and keep things moving smoothly. Since you already know my professional background is in sales, marketing, and animal health, here are a few more personal attributes.
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Are You Ready To Accomplish More With Me On Your Team?

Then let's work together! My approach to marketing speaks volumes.