I Can Help You Vet-sense Your Marketing


Hey there, I’m Nicki. I’m a strategic marketing consultant that uses my veterinary experience to help companies in the animal health industry achieve the impossible and increase sales.

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Manage The Demand

I understand how hard it is to market complex animal healthcare products to achieve goals and increase sales. Balancing that combination is very challenging.

My unique marketing services can help. NGMarketing specialises in these areas with the added bonus of knowing the animal health industry:

Marketing Consulting
Project Management
Design & Creative
Workshops & Mentoring
Nicki Glen - Portrait

When Your Team Is Overwhelmed

And you're worried the marketing won’t get done, I can complement your team as an expert strategist and lighten the load.
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Turn Projects around faster

Tight deadlines can derail a team. Sometimes all you need is an extra set of hands and a fresh pair of eyes to see a clear path forward. That’s what I do best!

case studies

Nicki Glen - Portrait

It’ll Be Seamless

As an integrated member of your team, it’ll feel like I’ve been there all along — no need to spend any resources on onboarding. I’m always ready to work right out of the gate.

Let’s Join 
marketing forces

Set up a discovery call and we’ll chat through all your needs.
We’ll discuss your marketing challenges, the product launch, and objectives.
You achieve your marketing goals.
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Accomplish More With NGMarketing

My approach to marketing speaks volumes.